Daily News, Mon, Sep 22

America’s foray into Skyrunning.

Who says Southern CA doesn’t have sweet mountains and trails?

Grand to Grand stage race is going on this week from the Grand Canyon to the Grand Staircase in Utah. Hear Sarah’s take on the event from last year…and yep, she’s running it again this year.

Don’t we already have a bunch of events like this?

For the first time since graduating over 20 years ago, I went to a HS XC meet last week and it was awesome.  How it grows on you.

Peter Bakwin recaps this summer’s long FKT attempts.

And Brian Donnelly breaks the Wonderland Trail unsupported record. Great report!

The rise of the Facebook athlete.

Boulder marathon cancelled on two weeks notice…but other races step in to capitalize and help out.

USA 50k Trail Championships won by two first-timers.  Doesn’t lend a lot of credibility to the event, does it?

Is this one reason that we as MUT runners are so tight?

A good resort from the Kerry Way Ultra.


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