Daily News, Mon, Sep 23

The grandmother of all ultrarunners…Marvelous Mimi.

UROC is coming up this weekend, and the “official” sports drink will be Oral I.V. I’ve never heard of it…anyone else? Seems like a strange move to use a product that many people haven’t tried before.

Speaking of UROC, here’s Bryon’s preview of the men.  My money’s on Sage.

The Smoke Bluffs trails sound nice. If you live within running distance of a great trailhead, don’t take it for granted. I need to drive 30 minutes to hit any mountain whatsoever.

The most dangerous animals for runners. Just to warn you…squirrels is on the list.

Did ya see our sneak peek of the new Ultimate Direction Vesta hydration pack designed for women by Jenny Jurek?

The Fifth Avenue Mile was yesterday in NYC. Such an exciting race, as you get a perspective of their speed that you don’t get on an oval track. Winning time for the guys? 3:52, ahead of Lagat, Manzano, Jager… Wow!

Is ultrasound effective for injuries? I think so.  Here’s one take.

If you’re in Southern Oregon this weekend, you’ll find me at the Enchanted Forest Wine Run. Tim and Krista Olson and friends put it on and it’s one hell of a tough course.  Good food, crazy costumes, nice trails, and tasty wine.  Cameo pic of my daughter Sunny (#10 getting paced in by the Mad Hatter.)

Nice story about HS XC kids helping out a teammate suffering a seizure mid-race.  I can’t help but question though if physically assisting him should result in a DQ. Sorry.

At the inaugural Kodiak 100M in SoCal, the winner was 53, it was his first time sub-24 (by just over a minute!), and it was his first win. Awesome! Full results here.

Nice article on the rise of ultrarunning in the PNW.

Good read: Toni Reavis takes on the lack of competitiveness and the “festivalization” of running as a sport.  I can’t help but think of UR’s place in all of this.  The guys and gals up front are getting faster, but the overall trend seems to be to make all events a “festival” and the only goal to finish.  Am I wrong?


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