Daily News, Mon, Sep 29

In his first ultra, Isaiah Janzen runs 154 miles in a 24 hour run and wins the USATF championships. Here’s his report.

Yeah it’s MTB, but it’s one of the more technical (and scary) “trails” I’ve ever seen.

Funny: NUC, but Pam helps us all deal with staring at youth in rearview.  Yikes, that Masters women division is tough!

Here’s a review I did on the Scarpa Ignite. Nice traditional trail shoe from a company with a long history in the mountains.

Science: Beer rewards exercise.

Though it’s not complete, this is still a fun calendar to play around with (and dream.)

MGM is suing the Rocky 50k to change its name.

The Mogollan Monster was cancelled mid-race this weekend due to inclement weather.

Twenty beginner friendly trail ultras.

This clip from a marathon in Indiana
reminds me of the children’s song…”Can’t go under it…can’t go over it….can’t go around it….I’ll guess we’ll go through it!

I would love to be able to take a course like this…action photography.

Brian Peterson and Anna Frost took top honors at Bear 100 this weekend. Full results.

Wow Runner’s World, what a great idea!

This 60yo Kiwi is trying to break the US Transcon record. Pretty fun to watch!

Is sex exercise? h/t Meghan.

Great race report from the (winner of the) Virgil Crest 100.

In case ya missed it, Dennis Kimetto broke 2:03 in Berlin yesterday. Here’s the final 2.5 minutes on video.

Hmmm, I must be doing something wrong. 

Great race report from Tonia, who recently went through chemo and surgery for pancreatic cancer and returned to the trails she loves.

Full Spartathlon results here. Not sure what happened to Jon Olsen.

Re Spartathlon: I checked the ultraist this weekend for updates, and it was as vitriolic and immature as letsrun with regards to Dean K’s run in Greece. Geez.

And in another subject that sparks hysterica from our community: NSAIDs and muscle recovery.

Here’s a training plan for this guy’s first 50k.  Anxious to see how he does.

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