Daily News, Mon, Sep 30

Candice’s Ten Rules of Ultrarunning, with just enough sass. Love it!

Marathon WR goes down in Berlin and some  idiot photobombs the winner.  Some more stats from that race.

Brandon Stapanowich did it. Four Pike’s Peak summits. 96 miles, 30k feet, despite howling winds, darkness, sleep, etc.  Here’s an interview.

Citing security concerns, NYC Marathon bans hydration packs. Oy vey.

…meanwhile, these guys thru-hiked all of Colorado’s 14ers (took ’em ten weeks!), “pulled by the gravity of beer.”

American River 50 registration opens today. Just a heads up though…there’s a major course change from the past 30 years that’s not indicated clearly on the website.

Lost in a corn maze.

I took my iPhone GPS into a Halloween corn maze yesterday.  If you go to a maze this year, GPS it so we can figure out which really is “the biggest in the world.”

Jon Olsen set a blazing new NAR for the hundred miler today on a 400m track in Canada. 11:59:28 works out to 7:12/mile.  Of course, there’s no news stories anywhere, but this link will have full results soon.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, both Mike Morton and Chad Ricklefs DNF’ed at Spartathlon.  They’ll be back.

Newly-minted TNF athlete Rob Krar takes down the competition at UROC (with women’s report, too).  I can’t wait to see what 2014 will hold for this guy. Maybe we outta ask him…

Read this: Ras discusses UROC terrain and Krar.

Joe Grant’s photo gallery from UROC. Great stuff.  And here’s Ian’s album too.

Scotty reviews a DIPA here and likes it.

I’m going to break down and buy a GPS watch. Garmin, Suunto? Any advice? I had a Garmin years ago (bit gray rectangle) and loved it, but it seemed to break all the time. Not looking to spend a bunch of money, and I only want the basics…time, pace, distance.

Remember that article from last week that showed how far Rocky actually ran? Now there’s a 50k based on his trek.

Got results from this weekend? Hal K and Becka Kem won the half I ran in Oregon.





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