Daily News, Mon, Sep 8

I just a released a fun interview with Jason Schlarb. Check it out here.

A pretty decent take on the Death Valley/Badwater debacle.

Yep, that’s one of the best trail pics I’ve ever seen.

From the few pictures, the Kerry Way Ultra in Ireland looks breathtakingly beautiful.

John Burton at mile 120 of Tahoe200.
John Burton at mile 120 of Tahoe200.

Ewan Hornsburgh, Victor Ballesteros, and John Burton hava all finished Tahoe200 as of 5am Monday.  I was up there Saturday and apparently it’s a much much slower course than anyone had expected.

George Grygar and Bethany Lewis took wins at Wasatch 100. Results here.

…while Chris Vargo and Anita Ortiz (ahem, who’s now 50!) took wins at UROC.

Obesity is now so normal that parents can’t recognize it in their kids.

Some pretty cool shots (and live streaming) from Tor des Geants.

And Ian got some great shots from Superior100 in Minnesota.

Try to film a Bud Light commercial in Colorado, and people are gonna freak out.

Short news day. What did I miss?

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