Daily News, Mon, Sep 9

Endurance Swimmer Diana Nyad’s epic swim last week is under attack.

Last year’s Comarades winner tested positive, and this year the top ten are clean…but the 12th female came up dirty. There are PEDs in ultrarunning.

Tor de Giants is going on right now in the Alps. 205 miles with 79k’ of vert. Preview here. Unfortunately, a Chinese runner has slipped on a trail, knocked his head, and passed away during the race.

World Mountain Running Championship recap and results here.  Max King tweaked his ankle and had to DNF.  The US Junior Women took gold, with Anita Ortiz’s daughter taking first.

Big congrats to Ian Sharman for setting the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning FKT this weekend at Wasatch. Find his write up here.  Nick won Wasatch (though failed to make up the difference) but also completed the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning and we hope to have him on the show soon to chat about it.

Kilian and Emelie Forsberg got stuck on a mountain.  Thankfully they were rescued and are OK. Here’s Kilian’s story of what happened.

Speaking of the quick Spaniard, Kilian is slated to be running UROC in a few weeks. Still waiting to see final elitle entrants list, but this one’ll be a doozy!

Did you hear our new podcast with Nick Coury?  One half of the famous Coury brothers of Phoenix, Arizona, younger Nick is running races of every distance, directing some epic events, and getting ready for pumpkin beer season. Check it out here.

Neal Gorman bags a 1 min FKT on a sweet sounding trail in Virginia.

I raced a ten miler on the road yesterday and was made very aware of why I need to focus more on form.  Here’s some advice on simply listening to how you run.

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