Daily News, Mon, Sept 15

Big weekend in racing! Jared Campbell won Plain, Rob Krar and Nikki Kimball won Run Rabbit Run, Bob Shebest and Becky Kirschenmann (2ndOA) won Pine to Palm, Karl Schneiter and Bev Abbs won Headlands (with Alan finishing a close 15 min behind his wife), and Kilian and Emelie winning TheRut. I’m sure there were more. How’d you do???

And an equally exciting event Jenny Simpson and Jordan McNamara won the Fifth Avenue Mile in 4:19 and 3:51 respectively. Video here.  Pics here.  Wow!

Good stuff: Learning accountability from climbing mountains.  Same can be said for running them.

Twenty five ultrarunners you should follow on Twitter. Here’s 26.

So this is what Strava data (with HR info) looks like from a 6:54 beer mile. (It’s Alex Varner’s)

You’ve heard Ethan as my co-host on some recent interviews. Here I sit down with him and we chat about his first hundred in ten years.

Here are shirts and bras with smart sensors built into them.

What does it take to manage a 48 hour-cutoff aid station at 152 miles of Tahoe 200. Here’s a fun report.

Six reasons why chicks dig ultrarunners.

I think I need to add the Southern Headland Trail in Ontario to my bucket list.

Oh, the horror!

So you want to be a race director? Sherpa John lays out the detailed balance sheets right here.

While Scotland is in the “real” news, here’s a cool video sent to me by Scottish listener Bruce. He somehow managed to squeeze in some great commentary, Star Wars, a great soundtrack, and a URP reference all in 9 minutes of beautiful scenery. My new motto: Just dae it.

NUC: One could call the Colombian women’s cycling team kit risqué. But is it?

Video: Here’s the course for the World Mountain Running Championships in Massa Italy. It goes up and up, through an old town, up and up some more, through a mountain, and up and up some more, through a marble quarry, then up and up some more. Here’s a great photo gallery from the event.

Here’s my review of a small, cheap, and light headlamp. One problem: It doesn’t turn on and off very well.

Why running is key to improving your climbing.

Anyone ever worn a nostril expander?

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