Daily News, Monday, Feb 2

Six questions to ask yourself before you DNF.  Funny, my two DNFs had to do with transportation. “If I quit now, I can catch a ride home. If I keep going, I don’t know if anyone will be around to drive me home.” Now that I look back….how lame is that???

Save this: Diet patterns of an injured athlete.

Holy crap-ola: Nicole Studer breaks the 100mile trail American Record with a 14:22! Meanwhile, URP favorite Liza Howard runs a 15:34 to grab the USATF Masters title. Smoookin’!  Full results here.

More holy crap-ola: She’s seventeen and ran a 2:38 marathon last month. 

Haha: Nineteen types of beer snobs.  Hey, I think I know these guys! h/t Meghan.

Very simple ways to lose fat with core nutrition. 

I don’t see many trail women buying this, but what the hell…

...or you could rent a toilet online.

The Pixie Ninja lays out her calendar for the year.  

How spending time on the trail can put you in touch with your inner saint.

I didn’t see the game, but it looks like running made a few appearances in the commercials yesterday.

Cool: The oldest trail race in the country (The Dipsea) is entering the 21st century and will be live cast this year on ultrasportslive.tv.

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