Daily News, Saint Patrick’s Day Edition

Ten great Irish runners. Some great stories and video in there….check them out.

Honorees for the NatGeo Adventurer of the Year. We’ll be interviewing one of them within a month. Wanna guess who?

Fourteen lessons learned at the Thomas Jefferson 100k. 

It’s not fair to blame Strava for the EPO boom, but I understand the point.

Only 2.5 days left to win a ton of stuff from rootsrated. #seeyouinJacksonHole

The philosophy of Ryan Hall. He either needs to focus on shorter races or put in a bit of effort and break the 50k road AR, but what he’s doing isn’t working.

Mountain biking + trail running + dog walking + gigantic cajones = Bike boring Spa! Groepstart Zondag!  Can someone explain this to me?

I ran this race learning from yesterday, living for today and hoping for tomorrow.

–Great race report from down under.

World’s most expensive marathons...with an interesting breakdown of where the registration fee for the MCM goes.

What happens when two identical twins participate in the exact same sports as kids, but exercise differently as adults? Interesting, though not surprising results.

Pics/video from the Monument Valley 50 last weekend. Everyone who’s run that says it’s amazing…I see why.

Ten Irish beers for St Patrick’s Day.

Inside the crazy world of Trip Advisor. I’m still waiting for a well-used race review site to pop up.

Jay travels to the Kalalua Trail in Kauai and shares his experience. Beautiful!

Michele Yates’ advice on postpartum racing.  Sarah and I will be speaking with another speedy mama this week.

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