Daily News, Thu, Jan 31

Must read: Victor Ballesteros on what it takes to struggle through a bonk, and the people we meet while doing it. Listen to our podcast with him here.

Could the fall of gluten mean the rise of cider?  The craft beer market is certainly on an upswing, but so are celiac diagnoses.

Did you hear our new interview with Craig Thornley and Meghan Arbogast? We talk about the state of the sport, steroids, Western States, swag bags, and staying strong into your 50s. Check it out here.

“I was milking cows at the time and running was something I could do between milking.”  Well, twenty seven years and 119 ultras later, Kiwi Margaret Hazelwood is still racing.

…and if you want to stay stronger longer, you might consider strength work.

KutcherThe Fruitarian invites Ashton Kutcher to party with him. This could get very interesting, very quickly! Hear our interview with Mike “The Fruitarian” Arnstein right here.

Badass alert: This guy did the Brazil135 in a wheelchair. Don’t think “flying down a paved street on wheels”, think “135 of miles of cranking up dirt hills (with 30k feet of ascent) and bone-shattering descents.”

Funny: Lance lies to the Oprah.

If you’ve got 15 minutes, here’s a great video about the Canadian Rockies.

TalkUltra is reporting that Anton will be running UTMB this year.

Very interesting look at training methods over the last few decades…and their corresponding results.

I’ve never seen this much excitement about the grand opening of a running store. San Francisco Running Co (a URP sponsor!) opened up yesterday with Brett Rivers at the helm and Jorge Maravilla managing the place…that happens to be running distance from the best trails around.

pre-breakfast workout may burn more body fat.

I’d love to do this stair climb, but please, don’t step on me.

Switching the doubts off, and switching the mind on.

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