Daily News, Thur, May 8

Cool article about Nike Trail Elite’s Alicia Shay and her “Shay Hostel” in Flagstaff.

Interview with the sub-5 beer mile guy with some seriously great advice.

A quiz on trail running quirks.

Is Skechers the new Nike…or just a repeat of LA Gear?

Gluten free people actually have no idea what gluten is.

Barefoot_Ted_largeThrowback Thursday: Barefoot Ted interview from a few years ago.

Chris McDougall: I never meant to start a barefoot running revolution.

Elevation chart temporary tattoos. Neat idea.

Meet Libby James, one of the most accomplished distance runners in the world.

Cool: Your Strava routes as art.  h/t to Stu.

Jurek: The science of sweating.

No Ultra Content and very little artistic value, but pretty funny nonetheless: Two guys passing beers to each other in creative and sometime dangerous ways.  h/t Michael.

Site update: Crazy busy with gigantic yard project (that I’m subsequently writing about), product reviews (new Adidas, new fastpack pack from UD, sunscreen–which is coming in handy, etc), and koozie/sticker promo, and I’ll be recording at least one interview tomorrow.  Sorry for the delay.

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