Daily News, Thurs, Apr 10

Rob’s awesome circuit training routine.

Didya hear our new podcast with Max King and Emily Harrison? It’s the 3rd installment of the URP/ultrasportslive.tv Lake Sonoma preview and we literally caught Max midway through a hard run.

…speaking of Max, yesterday he signed on to Team Gu as well.

…while track stud Leo Manzano signed with HOKA.

Here’s a good review of MAP.  And here’s mine from last year.

Good stuff: Are you super-compensating in your training runs?

Here’s a muddy, muddy report from the Leatherwood 50 in North Carolina. Looks like fun!

Great read from Roes: The fastest runners aren’t always the fastest racers.

Interesting post by a roadie turned trail runner and his discussion about positive splits.

Hey, a little self pleasure never hurt anyone.

Here’s a great slideshow video of some great pics from the Zion100. Wow!

Hmmm, Patagonia is getting into the food industry. I still haven’t tried the beer.

NUC: Lance is naming names in a deposition released yesterday.

Wardian wins a marathon in his slowest time ever…4:07. Well, it was in the North Pole.

Haile joins the “track and field needs to change” chorus, but will USATF listen?

Stay tuned for a comprehensive review of running bras for women of the bustier variety.

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