Daily News, Thurs, Apr 17

Check out Zach Bitter’s report from Mad City 100k. Dude ran 62 miles at 6:30 pace. Here’s our podcast with him.

Training plan for his first hundred miler, complete with pre-loaded criticisms.

Beautiful trail running video from Mountain Hardwear.

Want a WS buckle?

Flagstaff is the new MUT mecca…but how’d this piece totally miss the breweries? Hello Wanderlust?

NYT: What ultras do to our bodies.

The nine month taper.

Speaking of pregnancy, didya hear the new interview with Liza Howard? It’s a must hear for women wondering about running postpartum.

Funny: Women’s running tips, with a whole lot of British sass.

Zach MIller post-Sonoma interview. “They shot the gun and I just ran.”

It’s great that USATF is funded well, but any ties it has to Alberto Salazar make me extremely nervous.

Sage’s Sonoma race report. Fun read.

I love these downhill MTB videos, but if you’ve got an issue with heights, don’t click it.

Quick chat with an RD from Philadelphia.

The pros and cons of different drinks for running. Maybe I missed something…where’s the beer?

Hey that's my mom!
Hey that’s my mom!

The boys at Ultra168 talk about the pros and cons of training with a GPS.  Something else looks pretty familiar on their homepage…

Can a habitual heel striker learn to be a midfoot runner in one day?

And of course a big Happy Birthday to my mom! She’s 64 today, still does track workouts, tempo runs, swims, and races like a beast (she chicks my dad most days)…and she didn’t start running until she was in her 40s. She’s also eyeing her first 50k later this year..

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