Daily News, Thurs, Apr 18

Trailrunner Magazine’s rundown on Lake Sonoma shows Sage Canaday’s hi-tech pacing gizmo. Yep, he definitely comes from the road.

This triathlete is allergic to running. Huh? That’s your excuse?

Do you have any trashed trail shoes? Take a pic and you might win a prize.

NUC: The Everglades Python Challenge.

TomTom is releasing a line of running watches.

I like the idea of thinking of your toes. Though I’ve been obsessing about one large toenail that just won’t fall off, it does allow me to do a conscious sweep of my whole body.

I hope no one actually paid for this beer study.

Why relative strength is a must for distance runners.

Zion100 is starting tomorrow morning. Track your runner here.

More than ever, running matters.

Video: Toughest ultra in Canada. Not sure about that, but a good look into a real-life hundred.

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