Daily News, Thurs, Apr 24

Good post from an ultrarunner in the making.

And on the other end of the spectrum, is James Adams the UK’s Dean Karnazes?

Why your thoughts go from brilliant to batty on your run. Side note, I used to run with a tiny voice recorder on my long runs and would record my thoughts. Yep, a small portion was worthy, the rest was ramblings of a crazy person.

How Skechers beat Nike in the Boston Marathon. Has anyone worn them? Any thoughts?

How to earn money for your favorite charity when you run. Huh? h/t to Stu.

If these aren’t good reasons to run through the UK, I don’t know what is.

Didya see our review of the new Nathan FireCatcher vest?

What good marathons and bad investments have in common.

….meanwhile, the Angry Jogger compares running a marathon to tripping on magic mushrooms.

Throwback Thursday: If you missed our interview with Charlie Engle in 2012, check it out. Fresh out of federal prison, Charlie talks about adapting to prison life, putting running first, and running across the damn country.

NUC: This guy walked across the country and met some cool people.

…and this gal ran 1300km, unsupported, across Sweden.

I’ve always wondered why Search and Rescue teams aren’t made up of trail runners. Someone read my mind!

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