Daily News, Thurs, Apr 25

In response to yesterday’s “Why women shouldn’t run” link, here’s one readers reply.

How to deal with mud.

Here’s an interesting article/interview with the Brooks CEO about how he took the company from near bankruptcy to where it is today.

…speaking of Brooks, here’s a review on the new Cascadia 8 trail shoe.

You can feel the frustration in this runner’s post.  Injuries are awful, and most likely it’ll heal and you’ll never, ever know why.

URP friend Tony is running around a middle school track for 24 hours (again) to raise money for  the school. The biggest issue I had with my 12 hour run was keeping track of the laps. Anyone have a good idea if you don’t wear a watch?

Hiking in Yosemite with Andrew Skurka and Flyin Brian Robinson.

For steeplechase fans, this years race at the Pre Classic is going to be extraordinary.

I didn’t realize Eric Orton had started a shoe company.

Want to help a student design a new product that’ll aid nutrition and hydration for runners? Click here to take the survey.

NUC: Five things I wish we did more of in the West.

Do we have to cool down after exercise?

How to time workouts for best performance. Unfortunately, I find it near impossible to do evening workouts. Morning good. Afternoon/evening, horrible.




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