Daily News, Thurs, Apr 3

How to avoid lotteries and get into big road races.  Would you like to see more of this in MUT events? Qualifying times for entries?

The pros and cons of massage for runners.

Bookmark this: Ian Torrence (podcast) discusses injury recognition, treatment, and recovery.

New here? Preparing your body for trail running.

What are the top trail running camps in the US?  Anyone ever been?

“There’s something very fascinating in doing something that seems stupid.”

Yep, and this dude is pretty nuts. (link fixed)

This looks like a pretty cool adventure book. Anyone have it?

I released the first of three Lake Sonoma preview podcasts yesterday. In it, Nate and I interview Nick Clark, Stephanie Howe, and Chris Vargo specifically about the race and what to expect. It’s a project I worked on with the guys from ultrasportslive.tv and will be posting the remaining two over the next few days.

For more on Lake Sonoma, check out Sarah’s great piece from last  year.

And be sure to enter the Prediction Contest for a chance to win shoes, packs, entries, and the chance to have anyone on URP that you wish (with their consent, of course.)

How not to be an early morning runner. I guess I’m one of the weirdos.

Good stuff: The new rules to fitness.

NUC, but a good essay on the unpredictable nature of the mountains in the springtime.

Our silly sport, from a Chinese perspective.

And from a British perspective, the ten best “outdoor running shoes.”  As opposed to indoor running shoes?

Here’s Luke’s Gorge Waterfalls 100k report. I noticed he’s wearing the TNF Better Than Naked Long Haul shorts. Love those things!

Some good points on recovery days for runners.

Competitor Magazine covers Jared Campbell’s Barkley finish.

…and here’s a great news piece on the wacky race.

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