Daily News, Thurs, Aug 1

Hal Koerner and MIke Wolfe are attempting an FKT on the 210 mile John Muir Trail in California.  Updates will be spotty,  but #JMTFKT will be the best source of info.  Have fun fellas!

Ian Torrence’s new hundo in the SW and Grand Canyon. It’s an inaugural, but I’d do it in a heartbeat.

I’m trying to not laugh, but it’s just…too…hard.  Tough Mudder contestant clotheslines self on electrified wire obstacle. D’oh!

Read this: The best training advice ever.

Happy IPA Day everyone! Even though it’s not my favorite style of beer, I’ll still beer and I’ll celebrate with the rest of you.

Tim Olson’s Speedgoat race report.

Backcountry video: Not all running, but I guarantee it’ll inspire you to get the hell outdoors.

Jim O’Brien denied reinstatement as XC coach at HS, but he’s not going down easy.

…speaking of Angeles Crest (where he set a monster record), AC100 starts on Saturday and has got a big list of starters.

Brooks is launching a new campaign of marketing gobbledygook today. I love Brooks shoes, but WTF does all this mean? Just bring back the Green Silence and I’ll be ecstatic.

Man vs Horse trail marathon coming to California.

News will be late tomorrow. I’m running the trail down to the Kaluapapa Leper Colony and hoping to set a new FKT. Pretty sure it’ll be the only recording on Strava, so I’ve got a good chance at it. 🙂



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