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Good stuff: How to not waste time in an ultra.

If you strip away all the gadgets and stats, do you have fun when you’re running?

Here’s a good graphic of where the “Canyon Fire” is on the WS100 trail.


“Just add water” beer for backpacking trips.  I don’t like judging things until I’ve tried them, but I’m willing to say this stuff is probably horrible.

Speaking of beer, have you seen our cool new URP Sip Sacs? They’re little insulated paper bags that fit a can or bottle perfectly. $12 for 2 of them plus a sticker. What a deal!

Solarweasel is headed to Europe for UTMB and his expectations are hilarious.

Why are solo runs and FKTs so popular right now? I like Adam Chase’s answer in here…races are too big and too expensive and trail runners want to be left the hell alone.

…speaking of which, another ultra just sold out in the UK.

Check out all the trails in Eastern Ontario.  Admission time: I’ve never been to Canada, but the more I see, the stronger the itch is to get up there.

…but this hike/run in North Carolina sounds awfully nice, too.

ITB or not ITB…that is the question.

Mustang Trail Race in Nepal.
Mustang Trail Race in Nepal.

Here’s a stage race on the trails in Nepal. Wow!

Today’s list: The ten most dangerous hikes.  Yeah, I’ll pass on many of those.

NUC: It’s only floating around the blogosphere right now, but Olympic pole vaulter Brad Walker was dropped by NIKE because, according to him, he taped up his shoe that had inferior VELCRO straps on it, covering up the swoosh.  The company certainly doesn’t have a great reputation, and there may be more to the story, but I’m happy that NIKE hasn’t permeated our sport yet.

Hilarious: Did you know that Anton, Tim Olson, Nick Clark, Catra Corbett, and Rob Krar were all in a band together?





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