Daily News, Thurs, Aug 21

So ya wanna be an RD? Here’s the permitting process you’ll get to wrestle with.

Help me! I am an ultra troll.

How to feed your canine athlete.

Really? This race is going to host the best 50k runners in the world? (LINK FIXED)

I think I’d rather run this beautiful trail along the coast of Ireland.

Great stuff: Rob Krar’s ultimate advice for ultrarunners.

Speaking of Rob, what do you think of the “wrong turn” issue revealed in this interview? Should the RD have discretion to let is pass? Are rules rules and should they be enforced regardless? What would you have done?

From RW cover model to paraplegic.

While this guy went from fashion model to 2nd place at AC100. Wow!

Another riff on “Not dead, can’t quit.”

Caleb got some great pics from Hope Pass. Check them out here.

Quick interview with two cool ultra gals from West Virginia.

Funny report from the back of the pack of a seriously tough course.

How to talk like an ultrarunner.

NUC: So pro cyclists aren’t only doping, but they’re also paying each other to throw races.

Looking forward to seeing this magazine. Hope it has US distribution.


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The family is packing up for the week and heading to Bend (Sun River, specifically.) Anyone want to show me the trails?

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