Daily News, Thurs, Aug 22

Huh? Parachute out of a plane, land, and run a fifty miler.

The first sea to summit ascent of Mt. Kilamanjaro was completed a few days ago. It took just over two weeks and maxed out at nearly 18k’.  His notes on the ascent are pretty good too.

I love science: Electrolyte beer!

This guy has run sub 5 minute miles every year for the past 38 years.

This couple is running 365 marathons in so many days.  They’re also raw vegans who only run in FiveFingers.

Here’s a small hundred miler in Montana that offers a pretty decent cash prize for the winner.

Kilian ran up the Matterhorn yesterday and set a new record. Yaaaaawn.

How to poop in the woods. I hate to say it, but trailrunners are some of the worst violators of these guidelines. I think we generally run into the bushes, squat, and take off.

Ten tips to make Varsity Cross Country. h/t Don’s Diary.

David Riddle is running Hood to Coast this weekend. I think he could be considered a ringer.

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