Daily News, Thurs, Aug 28

An interview with Human Potential RD John Lacroix regarding his plans to bring another hundred miler to Colorado, this one just over the hill from Leadville – in Fairplay.

Sage Canaday says that his Pikes Peak Ascent to 14000 feet was really painful.

How to be an Ultrarunner video.

Did Stevie’s engagement carry her to the win?

Are you still contemplating how to go from a marathons to an ultra?

Lifetime Fitness clarifies that Krar is still the winner of the Leadville 100, despite not following the whole course.

Speaking of Leadville, have you seen these great pix by Caleb Wilson he took up on Hope Pass?

Ho-hum, Joe Grant posts another well written post with amazing pix about his life in the mountains, kind of like the other ho hum post by Anton on his life as an American in Paris, France. Then there is Nick who tramping all over the place in his ho-hum fashion. (okay, it is not ho hum but the fact that these guys do this stuff every week makes it seem almost expected versus extraordinary).

To the individual it might not matter but larger R2R2R runs just got harder.

In a similar regard of extraordinary being sort of expected now: The 777 Project, “an endurance, adventure and philanthropic initiative to run 7 ultra marathons on 7 continents in order to raise money” for a charity.

No, I am still not cross training. Are you? I am still working on basic nutrition.

While geared towards shorter distance runners, it has applicability for ultra folks: the easy day.

There are probably a lot of cases to be made for the fastest running couple, but this newlywed pair is making quite the case on the mountain circuit.

Are you ready to watch UTMB this weekend? Or are you more a Trofeo Kima type?

Today’s URP Daily News is brought to you from GZ, who was interviewed as a Subject Matter Expert in ass racing here.

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