Daily News, Thurs, Aug 29

An airtight case that Forrest Gump is the best fictional athlete of all time.

gumpDid you check out brand spankin new interview with Hal Koerner? We talk about his JMT FKT, his impending fatherhood, and what happens when the baby is due on the same day as the hundo you direct.

Good stuff: The Runner’s Inner Cheetah.

The Silverton 1000 is underway, with the 6 day run and the 1000 mile challenge having started yesterday. Live updates here.

Confessions of a Strava Voyeur.

Ten things I wish I knew before I went vegan.

Amy Sproston: The joys of USADA, drug testing, and sharing a small bathroom stall with someone watching you pee.  Amy talks more about the process in our podcast with her.

UTMB coverage starts tomorrow morning on IRF. Predictions?

If you’re in the SF Bay Area and looking for a running-related job, here’s a good lead. Thanks Moses.

Slow news day.  If you’ve got anything, please send it my way. eric.schranz  @  ultrarunnerpodcast   .    com

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