Daily News, Thurs Aug 7

How fast can you make it on the PCT? Joe McConaughy wants to do it in 59 days. 5 days ahead of the supported record.

Traci Falbo just ran a US womens 48hr record and 2nd all-time worldwide at Six Days in the Dome with a whopping 242.09 miles! Bitter’s ‘blow-up’ 100 in 12:08 and Falbo’s run are already making this race a treat to watch. The 6 day runners are still warming up! Here’s her leaving it all on the track. Simply amazing.

Watch records fall for the rest of the week at #sixdaysinthedome
Sarah Barnett, first female, ran the Sri Chinmoy 3100 in just over 50 days. She’s still smiling! I even saw her running the next day training for her next race. Wow.

Men’s Fitness weighs in on what constitutes a crazy ultra. It’s actually informed. I think some ultrarunners would agree.

Couch to 100mi in a year. Not bad… ….and he won!

Drinking on the run…. Hmm….. and they thought they needed evidence of it’s benefits. Sheesh!

A sober reminder of the potential danger when playing in the mountains. Jim Nelson – Barkley, Hardrock, Nolan’s 14 Finisher – was lost to the mountains. We wish the best to his family.

This fellow ran his first 100 in VT. Just his second ultra, he finished in 19:30. Not too shabby, Part 1 and Part II (when you have some time to spare).

Want to run an ‘underground’ 100K/ 100mile urban race/ adventure in NYC? Here’s a video of this year’s race. Phil McCarthy, RD, is racing the hamster track in the Dome right now. Wish him luck!

Quadcopter (fancy word for a drone?) tour of Angeles Crest 100.

Speaking of AC, here’s Pam Smith’s report from her CR run.
(NUC) More track fashion from Maggie Vessey.

You’ve heard of FKTs. But what about for the ‘normal’ runner? Check out some NKTs at Far North Endurance.

Check out some of the cool gear Eric is finding at Outdoor Retailer.

And rumor has it there’ll be a new podcast released today with Jenn Shelton. Stay tuned!

Today’s URP Daily News is brought to you from NYC by Paul Kentor subbing for newsman Eric. Pavement pounder wishful for more trail, currently drinking Founders Porter. He rarely blogs but occasionally tweets at @steeltownrunner

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