Daily News, Thurs, Dec 12

Throwback Thursday: HBO’s Real Sports highlights some crazy runners.

Eight gifts for the active beer lover.

Speaking of beer, have you found the new Patagonia beer yet? 

Interesting: Endurance sports as performance art.

Vote here for UROY.

Some headlines just write themselves.

The Miwok 100k entrant list will be announced today here, but it sounds like some people already got confirmations.  Did you get in?  Meanwhile, everyone got into WayTooCool

Antelope4<–This race through the red dirt and slot canyons of Northern Arizona has Navajo guides helping the runners. Looks awesome.

Video: Francois D’haene on running and winemaking.

Western States week just got a little more…nerdy.  In a good way! I don’t even understand the subject titles.

Speaking of nerdy, these shoes put the “smart shoes” I mentioned yesterday to shame.

Speaking of reviews, check out my review of RecoFit compression sleeves.

…and Competitor magazine discusses the effectiveness of compression wear.

Ah, so this is what the Jurek Weather Channel special will be about.

Of course it’s all relative, but dang, I wish I could complain about some of Ian’s times at recent road races!

DBo’s TNF report.

Michael Johnson seems to be channeling Nick Symonds in his desire to update Track and Field.

NUC, but check out the physical demands of dancing in The Nutcracker.

This Welsh lass has come back from a serious injury and completed some incredible events.

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