Daily News, Thurs, Dec 19

Good read: Sage discusses how MUT runners have evolved.

Lesser known (and still very awesome) performances of the year.

Helpful advice to get you to Boston, but the tips can easily translate to ultra success too. h/t to Michael J.

Who should win International Ultrarunner of the Year?

In the High Country review. Have you seen it? Whatddya think?

USATF marathoner busted for anabolic steroids, accepts suspension.

NUC, but you gotta read this story. This guy survived seven days in Alaska with no food, drink, or shelter.

If you’re interested in transitioning from running to triathlon, read this.

Winter footwear and traction devices.

Ultrarunner Christmas parties dos and donts.

Breaking: Apparently not all running fads are true.

And more from the duh department…A softer stride means less injuries.

From an elite T&F runner:  Hi, my name is Pheobe. Meet my boyfriend, Track.

The International URP Media Headquarters and Global Strategery  bunker will be closed tomorrow. We’ll resume on Monday.  Thanks for reading.

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