Daily News, Thurs, Dec 5

Want to know how long you’ll live? I’m good until just past my 87th birthday apparently.

How to train for hundreds and marathons at the same time.

Russian ultra champion stripped of Two Oceans victory due to steroid use.  But we’ll keep denying that there’s drugs in our sport…

Apparently we’re not as crazy as they think.

Ten things you need to know about southern ultra trail runners.

Hal’s secret to happiness.  My wife read it for the article. Sure she did.

Running with the spirit of home in South Korea.

Are you a barefoot/minimalist runner in Boston? This is for you.

Coast to Kocsi, a 240k race in Australia, starts today. Follow it live right here.

Quickie on Dakota Jones.  I’d argue with a few points made by the author, but a good little post none the less.

USATF Mountain Ultra Trail Council announces runners of the year. Hmm.

Be sure to tune into the TNFEC coverage over at ultrasportslive.tv this Saturday.  Yeah, you could see updates on twitter or you can watch four live cameras (while also geeking out simultaneous to lottery drawings.) Your choice.

Speaking of TNFEC, this just got really interesting. Freezing temps, some rain, and possible snow up top.  Seems like a great day for some trail cleats!

Uh-oh. The Angry Jogger has entered his first 100k and is dealing with some inner negativity. As always, salty language alert.

NatGeo’s Ultimate Adventure Bucket List for 2014.

Top 25 beers of the year. I’ve only had one of them.  You?

Take a couple drunk Swedes, some beautiful trails and terrain (including the ocean), and you get the new sport of ÖTILLÖ (swim running.)  Dammit, by bucket list just got longer again.

If you’re looking at buying some snowshoes for running this winter, I’d point you towards Derrick Spafford’s expertise and go with the Dions. I use them and they’re awesome.

Somehow I see this getting modified by some tech-savvy ultrarunner.

There won’t be any Daily News tomorrow. I’ll be in San Francisco gearing up for the race.

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