Daily News, Thurs, Jan 9

Awesome preview for Bandera from EnduranceBuzz.com. (Link fixed)

Cool profile on the (insane) Iditarod Trail Invitational.

A good review of something I hate.

NUC: I keep throwing money at the screen but nothing happens.

Ultramarathoners: How’s our health?

List-o-rama: World’s most extreme adventure races.

I may have to give this one a listen: Podcast on beer and running.

I hope Joe Grant keeps up this daily diary.

Here’s a video where Yiannis Kouros explains his (sometimes controversial) thoughts on ultrarunning.

…and here’s a great way to stay warm AND get fast and hip at the same time.

Scary: When wolves attack. Anyone ever encounter one on a run?

If you listened to our most recent podcast with Mike Wardian, he was heading down to Disney World to run the “Dopey Challenge.” He finished the 5k this morning with a 16:15, good enough for 2nd place. Go Mike!


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