Daily News, Thurs, Feb 12

I’m assuming there are a few URP listeners in this list.

Seven bucks

Did you see the new sticker? Check it out here. Very limited production.

Thoughts on “winning” the Wasatch lottery.

The ultimate ultrarunning bucket list?

Please listen to this new episode. It’ll answer a lot of questions about our community, and more specifically, about what I’ll be doing for the next year.

Tip of the week: How to clean your hydration bladder.

The guys at Ultra168 have an adult conversation about pot and ultrarunning.

Cool interview with two guys completing the first-ever winter thru-hike of the PCT.

Matt Flaherty chats with Sean O’Brien winner Ryan Smith. Ryan posted his Strava data here. I can’t wait to see what he does at Western this year.

Good and muddy race report from Jill. Her last line says it all.

Thanks to Jesse Veinotte from Worcester Massachusettes! I chose his name at random from recent contributors and a new NorthFace jacket is on it’s way to the cold cold North East.


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