Daily News, Thurs, Feb 13

Ten reasons why cross country should be in the Winter Olympics.

…speaking of Olympics, ice skating bores the heck out of me…unless…it involves farts.

This 101k in India is happening this weekend and the description sounds great.

Anton’s been climbing in the gym after another injury and is improving.

Wow, UTMB is almost 10:1 male entrants.

Interesting: Getting fit increases pain tolerance.

Here’s a listeners tale from his first trail race–a 15 miler in icy snow. Yikes! Bonus: He listened to Joe Uhan’s podcast, coated his belly with Olive Oil, and swears it works.

I can handle pretty much any food while I’m running, but haggis may be a bit too much. 

Tech: How to keep your batteries from dying in the extreme cold.

The obligatory “Why I Run” post by UK Sam. I run because of 1,2,6,9, and 10.

Interesting: Hoka signs an 800m runner.  Next up…maximalist spikes?

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