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The Hill Ultra
The Hill Ultra

Interview about ultras and mental toughness with John Steele
, who recently was the winner and only finisher of The Hill Ultra – where runners attempt to run up and down a 1.5 mile course….for 160 miles.

David Johnston recounts some of the disappointments he has endured (involuntarily crapping his pants, for instance) during ultra events but continues his quest for a new course record at this weekend’s punishing 350-mile Iditarod Trail Invitational. (Yep – he’s a badass)

Yeti Trail Runners bestow how to pick a running store and Top Ten Things You Should Know about Southern Ultrarunners – Spoiler, #7 “We give hugs, not handshakes.” & Five non-running questions with Anna Frost.

Looters clean-out a beer truck within minutes after it crashes. Looters failing to realize the beer is Heineken. Yes, there is video of the incident. Of course there is!! Driver is okay.

Happy Valentines Day, I signed us up for a 230k, in the Swedish Arctic. Love will be tested in snow fields, ice forests and frozen lakes. WTH is an ice forest?!

Australia’s Andy DuBois asks the question, “does dehydration impair endurance performance?

New Zealanders and Hobbits rejoice! Hoka One One is coming! Hoka One One is coming!

Speaking of Hokas, check out my review of the Hoka Rapa Nui 2 Tarmac. Time to Fly – Time to Buy??

Did you know that in Canada, the gluten-free industry rolls in $90 million, annually? That’s a lot of gluten-free dough. Canadian Running Magazine demystifies gluten-free.

Wishing I was running this weekend’s 40 mile Mount Mitchell Challenge – and snatching up a North Face Fleece finisher’s jacket! Nicely done, RD!

Coach Al gives us 6 ways TO STAY POSITIVE!

Atlanta runner skips traffic and run commutes to work – and starts a movement.

Please pass the Shichimi Togarashi, please, its one of the 14 new superfoods for 2014. I’ll post the 14 superbeers list – when I find it.


A review of the Nike Kiger Trail Shoe – don’t let the minimalist look deceive you – this thing looks like it has enough teeth for the trail and cushion for the road.

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