Daily News, Thurs, Feb 21

Does anyone have a new pair of underwear to donate to this guy? Wow!

For anyone interested in seeing parts of the Western States trail, here’s a good primer on the last section of it.  Be sure to check out the previous link though. And that picture. –>>

Is this article accurate? Pottery is a normal prize at ultras on the East Coast?

Looks like a Wired reporter wrote a piece on fat tire snow bikes and an Alaskan journo freaked out.

The Kimberly ultra marathon brush fire case roars on. At what point is the RD not held liable for acts of nature?

…On getting chicked.

And Dax Ross’ solid take on beautiful women and trail chicks.

I’m not sure I understand what “uphill skiing” is, but it certainly sounds like something some bored, cheap, and creative trail runner thought of.

Good review of the new Salomon Advanced Skin S Lab Belt. Interesting design and thorough write-up, but I wish there were a picture of him wearing it.  Did I just review a review?

Norcal peeps: I’m hearing that the ITR Folsom Lake 50k in late April is probably going to sell out soon, so if you’re interested, better sign up quick. I’m anxious to race it.

How did I get to be the guy with complications from a vasectomy? If anyone has got any exercises that do not affect the groin, please, please, please share them below. I’ve got another week of downtime and I’m freaking out. Thanks.






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