Daily News, Thurs, Feb 26

Hey Western States runners and pacers: Good news! You’ll have some company on the trails this year. And now for the bad news.  (Might want to avoid clicking that if you’re a jumpy night runner…)

This type of BS can’t stand. More parks are prohibiting running on the trails. Any legal experts want to weigh in? Aside from the obvious enforcement issues, can these laws stand?

An all-sour brewery 90 minutes from my house? And right near some of the best trails in the area?

Did you hear our latest podcast with Rod Bien? We talk about staying fit in your 40s, growing up in Hawaii, the state of the sport, running dresses, and more.

Strava route art from Sisu.
Strava route art from Sisu.

Have you seen this cool new (and free!) Strava art?

NUC whatsoever: Some kid in the Alps tries to take an epic selfie, falls off cliff.

Speaking of cold, these ice caves in Northern Wisconsin will be opened for the first time in years and look awesome. Beautiful!

I had no idea Scott Dunlap was a stoner.  Here he gives a lesson on pot, the benefits to the endurance athlete, and how to use it.  He kinda makes that whole “lazy and unsuccessful” argument moot, doesn’t he?

Ian Corless takes a passionate stand on professional publications and photography.  Definitely worth a read.

Katie deSplinter’s fun race report from Black Canyon includes this gem:

Another down the hatch. Another round of puking in my mouth just a little bit. It was high noon and I was absolutely baking out there. The pity party was all set up with card tables and festive bunting, so I knew I had to do something right quick if I had any chance of keeping this race a positive experience in my life. Everyone’s always talking about this “gratitude” thing, so I figured I’d try that.

How to be an ultra pacer, part three.

Alright, this study on fatigue is making me tired.

Here’s a museum in Sweden where you learn about–and drink–plenty of beer and other booze.

Cory’s traumatic treatment of his black toenail.

If you haven’t checked it out recently, our Black Toenail Hall of Fame is pretty gnarly.

This guy had only run two marathons before taking on the Grand to Grand Ultramarathon.

No, to be successful in ultras, you do not have to buy all the latest tech gizmos.

This guy is getting ready to run the 350 mile Iditarod Trail Invitational.  Find out how he trains, what it’s like out there, and what’s driving him to do this.

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