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The Six Foot Track Marathon (not six feet, not on a track, and not a marathon) is coming up in Oz and it’s a big deal. Here’s a brief on the event and an intro to one of its top contenders.

Although still injured, Anton is hitting Green Mountain nearly every day.

ultrarunning mag March 2013Just as Mike Morton makes the (inset) cover of Ultrarunning Mag, he gets a stress fracture and puts his racing calendar on hold.

Vibrams and barefooting injuries, redux.

For what it’s worth, I’m disappointed in Kilian’s racing calendar this year. Only one race stateside? Boooooo!

So the oldest marathoner has hung up his slippers. Who’s the oldest ultrarunner? I know of UR’s in their 80s, but haven’t heard of anyone past that.

Looks like the site is still in progress, but here’s a 50k run entirely on a Navajo Indian reservation. Some reservations are incredible, some…leave a bit to be desired.  Hope this is the former.

I don’t often get excited about a race shirt, but one from this event would be pretty neat.

Wow! Some dude on a fatbike broke the ITI record by ten hours!

How to fuel for an early morning run, Runner’s World style.  Now for the ultrarunner style: I get up at 3, finish up my Daily News, have a handful of Cheerios or whatever I can find, drink a bunch of water, usually slam a Gu (I don’t eat them on runs usually, but they work in the

Photo Pete Cutler
Photo Pete Cutler

morning for me), usually have a piece of fruit in each hand at the start, and accept that I might feel like hell at some point. Out the door at 3:40, back at 5:20.

NUC, but this photo of Alex Honnold makes my stomach turn. Notice the lack of ropes.–>>>

In ultras, ya gotta have a solid base.

With the Sarah Spelt/Popov family personal issues train charging full speed ahead on the UltraList, here’s another guy who’s brawling with an RD on the internet. (LINK FIXED)

From Letsrun:

7 – Number of American men that broke 2:12:00 in a record-breaking 2012 US Olympic Marathon Trials last year.

7 – Number of Japanese men that broken 2:12:00 in just the Tokyo Marathon last weekend, meaning 9 Japanese men have already broken 2:12:00 so far in 2013 and showing you how the marathoning depth in Japan is way deeper than in the US.

It’s only a matter of time before the Japanese start to make a huge impact on ultras.

Why the bike industry is like the beer industry. h/t to Dons Diary.



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