Daily News, Thurs, Feb 5

If you’re interested in pro track and field, this is an immensely important post by Lauren about the relationship between Nike and USATF.  She calls it like it is.

OK, you’re injured. Be sure to care for your legs, stomach, heart, and head.

Interesting: How are genders represented in different outdoor magazines?

List of the masters long distance runners of the year. Some of those times are incredible!  Hard to believe that in 11 days I’ll qualify as a master.

Need a morning laugh? Here you go.

Meet the next generation of ultra runners: Kelsie Clausen and Jared Hazen.

Are you in Arizona? Got any space for these guys to sleep for the night as they cross the country on foot?

….looks like you only need room for one.

I hate the TSA as much as the next guy and am confident they handled it wrong, but wrapping your GPS and energy bars in a PVC pipe and tape was probably not the best idea.

Stephanie went to Bali for her honeymoon and came back with a different perspective on running.

Arrowhead 135. Skip ahead to :48 to see a fun way of tackling the snowy descents.

Breaking News: The Letsrun message boards handle a question about ultras like adults.

Ellie’s newcomers guide to running an ultra.

I’m running Sean O’Brien on Saturday. Here’s Jimmy’s excellent course preview.  Hope to meet a lot of new people and to share some beers…grab me and say hi.

More on the “is ultrarunning too much of a good thing?” debate.

Is testosterone the drug of the future?

I get up early naturally to run and work (this), but if you have a hard time waking up, RunBully will make you.

Only to Andrew Skurka, does a “short adventure” mean “about a week.

And looking to take on a big adventure? Here’s a great place to start.

My life as an ultra-distance runner.  Nice stuff Joey!

Everything you need to know about outdoor drone photography.

Congratulations to Fernando Baeza from the Texas hill country for winning the RootsRated giveaway. A new pair of Salomons are on their way to Fernando!

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