Daily News, Thurs Feb 5

Israel has been on some crazy running adventures, but this may be the scariest: Sticking around Copper Canyon after the drug wars and murders. Here’s his full story.

Soffe shorts: Some of the funniest Amazon reviews I’ve seen. Read them.

Trail runners and MTB folks….Let’s learn to get along.

When training for Barkley, I guess it’s best to traverse as the crow flies with a backpack full of bacon.  Here’s our review of the Fastpack 30.

I’ve been told I’ve got lazy butt syndrome, but I think my wife meant it figuratively, not literally. Apparently it’s treatable by acupuncture. Anyone ever had success?

Here’s Ian’s Transgrancanaria preview.  Should be a great race.

Health news: Man who stopped dieting already seeing results.

Alright Hong Kong, I’ve got to believe you could have drawn a better route for your first 50k than around a 2k loop.

Jeremy was one of the founders of Altra and his wife is a super fast trail runner. Here are his thoughts on crewing for ultras.

Language alert: How to get your ass back in shape–and keep it there.

…or you could do this firefighter workout.

How do you feel about gender inequality in endurance sport sponsorships?

What does 170 year old beer found in a shipwreck really taste like?

I’m sure some will say the newly-medaled runners didn’t earn them, but this seems like a pretty decent solution.

Many of the top runners (author left of Stephanie Howe) turning to skimo to stay fit in the winter.

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