Daily News, Thurs, Feb 6

“About 2 miles into the 25k, my prosthetic leg completely snapped at the pyramid where the socket is attached to the pilon.”

Here’s a great race report from someone who’s had to overcome some serious challenges.

Five trail running tips to climb hills stronger.

…and why stair climbing is good for runners.

…and speaking of stair climbs. Anyone ever done one of these?

Really cool video from Sean O’Brien 50.

Here’s a very thorough review from Rocky Raccoon with a ton of interviews from the top runners.

How to pair Girl Scout cookies and beer.Traffic Signs

Didya see this map we posted yesterday? More more!

Ian Corless reports live from the Coastal Challenge in Costa Rica with some great pics. Wow!

Are better athletes better looking?

This guy thru hiked the PCT and took a selfie every day (that’s 159 of em!)

Is fell running spreading to the south of England?

Here are a bunch of new trail races for you New Englanders. I’ve got to get back there to run some of those trails!

Unfortunately, the IAU 100k championships in Latvia have been cancelled due to lack of sponsorships.

Take notes: Here’s a good conversation with 30 time Leadville finisher Bill Finkbeiner.

Several Kenyans are showing up to the Two Oceans Marathon (56k) in South Africa┬áin April. Let’s see how they do.

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