Daily News, Thurs, Feb 7

Ha! The problems with Crossfit.

Awesome idea: The midweek microadventure.

Getting a sneak peak of the new Ultimate Direction Scott Jurek Essential waistpack. Review forthcoming.

Anyone had it?
Anyone had it?

Alright, here’s a contest to win a fully paid (incl airfare, camera, etc) trip to Comrades this year. How awesome would that be?

Gary Robbins’ HURT race report.

Aussies dominate the Empire State Building Run-Up.

Smart training is all about consistency.

I didn’t know a cartoon video could be so inspiring.

Getting into your exercise groove.

If you’ve got a great pic I can use for the Daily News, please shoot it my way. Thanks! –Eric

Track fans: Check out this awesome kick from a 400m.

Good stuff: Revisiting trails from childhood and running beyond the familiar.

What an elite runner and dietician eats and why.

You’re not DFL if there are still people sitting on the couch at home.

Sage Canaday stops running for 14 days, but keeps up solid cross training. Up next? Tarawera 100k. Yeah, I’m envious.

Looks like Lance might be talking to the folks at the ADA under oath, but will he pay back his fraudulent bonuses? Yeah, no.  Where’s he competing now? Strava. Maybe not for long.

Get stronger with workouts borrowed from other sports.

Ian Corless reports on Day 4 of the Coastal Challenge in Costa Rica.

This Alaskan ultrarunner lost 90 pounds without giving up beer.



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