Daily News Thurs, Jan 10

Ten questions Oprah should ask Lance.

Bookmark this: How to speed up healing with food and stave off weight gain.

Video: What an awesome talent to have at an aid station.

Apparently we’re supposed to be watching out for Sage Canaday this year.

Here’s a jump rope workout. Really, I can run for 12 hours at a time, but jumping rope for five minutes draaains me.  Now we need to figure out if it’s “jump roping” or “jumping rope.”

Dunlap disects the UROYs Mike Morton and Ellie.

Speaking of Mike Morton, he just signed up for the Fort Clinch 100 in Florida.

Wouldn’t a XC scoring system in ultras be awesome?

Hilarious video on bear safety.

Can anyone help me with this? My google translator exploded.

Some barefoot runners are heel strikers.  Exactly. I enjoy wearing zero-drops, and I’m every bit a heel striker.

Here’s a new shoe company. No trail shoes, but interesting none the less.

As promised, here’s a chance to win a free entry into Luis Escobar’s Penny Lane Trail Race.

UROC registration opens in 6 days.

After one of the most bizarre race disappearances (how many are there, really?), Mt. Marathon is instituting some changes for this years race.

The “try everything, try nothing” approach to training. This probably describes a lot of runners, including your humble correspondent.



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