Daily News Thurs Jan 17

Montrail’s Summer 2013 trail shoe lineup.

Are cortisone shots an effective and safe way to treat running injuries?

Not a love song: Does the heart get tired?

Natural Running vs Support shoes…round 59.

…and CrossFit vs Runners, round…30.

Tried to convince the wife to go down south for Leona Divide, but I struck out.

The hard part: Coming back from an injury.

Mr. Roes is becoming quite the photographer. Great pics of Alaska!

Here are some great pics, commentary, and video, on the Dragons Back ultra…a 200 mile trail race down the spine of the Welsh countryside.

Do you know the specific hop varietals and what flavors they bring to your brew?

…speaking of hops, did you read Scotty’s new review of the Double Wide IPA from Kansas City?

A bit more on Mike Foote. Hear our podcast with him here.

Alex Zanardi, former F1 driver who lost his legs in a terrifying accident a decade ago, is still a total badass inspiration on three wheels.

This guy’s got quite the life. Part time party host in Thailand, part time ultra-ultra endurance RD in the South Pole. And am I the only person who giggles when I read Phuket?

A thorough review of the Salomon S Lab Sense Ultra.

Five unlikely tips for winter running.

I just heard about this North Face bra yesterday. It’s got a giant pocket in the front for stashing gels, money, etc. Pretty cool, though probably awkward for a guy to wear.

The science of productivity: All of this can apply to training.

OK, time to retire the finisher’s medal.

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