Daily News, Thurs, Jan 2

Good list of the great British ultras.

Michele Yates and Rob Krar named American Ultrarunners of the Year.

Video: Another reason to love cross country.

Twenty terrifying hikes around the world.

Good stuff: The evolution of running goals.

How to think like an elite runner.

The ten best moments for US distance running in 2013. Ultrarunning is represented appropriately.

Speaking of elite runners, an astute reader found this little piece about Jurek’s wedding. h/t Pesya.

2013 recap pic montage from Salomon.

Here’s my review of the 2.0 edition Anton Krupicka vest from Ultimate Direction.

This guy is running across Canada to raise money and was mugged.  Someone somewhere is in a serious karma deficit.

Speed development for distance runners.

Races in National Parks could become rarer.

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