Daily News, Thurs, Jan 22

Matt Laye’s experience with the High Fat/Low Carb diet.

So when you burn fat, where does it go?

Cool new video from Strava with a bunch of recognizable faces.

The Rut sounds like an amazing mountain race. I’ve got to get up there.

Check out our review of the Mio Fuse right this way. Essentially, Luke finds it to be an extremely comfortable alternative to a chest strap HRM.

I know a lot of these folks, and they do have pretty sweet gigs.

Periods, performance, and PEDs. Very interesting.

More on India’s growing ultra scene.

Runner vs cyclist ends in major injury for the former.

Rad: Pictures of PCT thru-hikers.

…speaking of the Pacific Crest Trail, a new movie is increasing traffic on the trail, to some dismay.

Jorgenson and Caldwell on the Ellen show.

URP is on Stitcher, don’t ya know.

Easily one of my favorite people in the sport: An interview with Mike Wardian.  We’ve interviewed him here and here and here and here.

Three small pieced of advice from a hurdler that are totally useful in our sport. Pain, change, energy.

I’m generally not a fan of winter sports, but these all look like fun. Luuuuuuge!

Workout of the Week from Lauren. Seems doable and helpful.

Is your sleep position contributing to your injuries?

If you know a sports psychologist or therapist who’d make a great guest on URP, let me know. Thanks.

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