Daily News, Thurs, Jan 23

Good stuff: How to run your own race when you’re not running.

Really good non-expert advice on ultra nutrition.

Road race news: So it seems the Competitor Group has reversed their earlier decision, and will be supporting an elite program.  Good on them.

A lot of really good advice on staying injury free. First step: Forget most of what you know.

If you’re out for a run and you think you may have been shot but aren’t entirely sure, refer to this flow chart.

If you know a pregnant endurance runner, direct them over to our Facebook discussion from yesterday. There’s a ton of good information from coaches, docs, elites, and moms who have been through it. My brilliant nugget of wisdom: “You’re going to pee a lot.”

Well this is getting interesting. Kenyan runners threaten to boycott Olympics unless their country reverses its decision on taxing foreign earnings.Swedish-chef

308 kilometer ultramarathon, geen bedreiging voor het hart?

I’m intrigued, but have no idea what that says.

Ultrarunners may hold clues to limits of human capabilities. 

Great piece by Andrew Titus in iRunFar about the power we have to create amazing things.

I often take it for granted that in the greater Bay Area, MUT (Mountain-Ultra-Trail)  races are as common as your weekend 5k, while apparently in Chicago, the sport is still in its infancy.   Is this article accurate?

Brooks just signed two more top T&F stars after landing Nick Symonds last week.  Will they build a MUT team as well? With this news, is sure seems they could afford it.

This 11 year old just ran a 1:23 at the Houston Half.  Should there be an age limit? At which distance? What age?

I may have to cobble together some snow gear and head up to Tahoe for this. Snowshoeing and snow biking extravaganza!

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