Daily News, Thurs, Jan 24

Raw footage of HURT runners crossing the finish line.

Learn all about Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.

LA related: OK, that’s pretty funny. And Amby has a questionable take on the situation.

Here’s a 100k in the UK that runs along the english countryside. Looks beautiful.

An Aussie blogger discusses the long run.

Renan DavilaHow’s that for a picture? That’s listener Renan Davila after completing TheNorthFace Endurance Challenge in Ecuador just recently.

If you’ve got a great trail/race pic you’d like to see here, please sent it to me at [email protected]

Ten vitamin-rich foods to add to your diet, including Marmite, kimchee, and a bunch of foods I’ve never heard of.

Here’s Davy Crockett running across a frozen lake. Did you listen to our podcast with him?

I’m having a vasectomy in two weeks that I assume will be making a vas deferens in my running schedule.  My doc is saying no running for 2-7 days. Any experiences I should know about? Thanks!

Hoping to see more pics and details from the Outdoor Retailer show. Gear junkie heaven.

How to train your mind for endurance, from the Times of India. Am I the only person who reads   foreign articles in an accent?

Video: Man vs Subway. This guy tries to beat the Paris Metro train to the next stop. Kind of like crewing for your runner and hoping that you make it there in time?

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