Daily News, Thurs, Jan 29

Ten reasons you should incorporate road marathons into your ultramarathon training.  Yes, I know, we’re all afraid of them.

So for those of us you doing speedwork, here’s a great pace chart.

Tarawera preview. Meghan Arbogast was planning on running, but I believe will be at Sean O’Brien instead.

Two races in one day? Sounds tough, but it’s probably great ultra training for pushing yourself on tired legs.

Compelling post about an Indian woman who’s found solace on the trails after a near-death experience with a bus.

Six trail running trends from Outdoor Retailer.

Interview with recent Nolan’s 14 finisher Gavin McKenzie.

California has Pliny the Younger and Vermont has Heady Topper. How about we get a case of each, meet halfway, and run the Rockies?

Candice writes about being an RD.

If you think MUT running is getting popular, wait till Matthew McConaughey gets involved.

Read this before you believe another guest on the Dr. Oz show.

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