Daily News Thurs, Jan 3

Wow! Joe Fejes breaks Yiannis Kouros’ 72 hour record with 329 miles! Old record was 326.

Leor takes a running adventure to the Western-most point of the contiguous United States.

URP welcomes Gretchen Brugman to our Enduro Team!

I didn’t realize that running an ultra is equated with pulling a tractor trailer with pure man power.

Here’s Ian Sharman’s race report from Across the Years.

This video is called Running Through Nepal. The guy is walking, but it’s still pretty interesting.

Max King reconciles trail runners’ relationship with environmental activism.

Feelin like an ultra in the frozen Yukon?

Here’s a new website that is looking for some content. FYI, we’re always open to guest commentary, too.

Yes, we’re aware that the slide on the front page of the site looks like Anton is running sans shorts. What’s new?

Sorry, rest of the country. This is what Californians were “dealing with” over New Years.

Here’s another interview (written) with Jacob Rydman.

What’s making our kids fat?

How do you know if you’re too sick to run?




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