Daily News, Thurs, Jan 30

Twenty seven ways to improve your ultra running.

Fantastic and thorough preview of this weekends Rocky Raccoon in Texas. My favorite term? “Hal Koerner’s Rogue Valley Finishing School for Extremely Fast Runners.”

Ultrarunning participation…by the numbers.

Great post by Mr Roes: Running and racing are not the same thing.  And who knew there was strategic peeing?

Here’s an inspirational running video.

I’m afraid that if I ran this, I’d have some dangerous flashbacks to my rave days in the 90s.

Colorado renames 14ers after Denver Broncos.

When new technology and innovation meet the human need for more beer, amazing things happen.

Great video:  End to end of the Pacific Crest Trail in seven minutes548493_711217092262675_279363818_n

Scott Dunlap explains the math behind the new Western States lottery process.

Training hard with Tim and Dom.

Speaking of training, these treadmills have 40% grades!

Ten ways running a hundred is like a weekend in Las Vegas.

What does Zach Bitter do when it’s -30 deg out? Head to an indoor track, click off some speed work, then finish it all up with some calf liver and chia seeds.  Hey, it seems to be working.

Glossary of running shoe technology terms.  A lot more could be added to this list.

The Will Run For Beer race series in New England looks like I’d probably enjoy myself.

Didya see our newly updated Black Toenail Hall of Fame? Now with slideshow fun!

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