Daily News, Thurs, July 10

Ten things no one tells you before you run an ultra.

The Last Annual Vol State 500k starts today. Track runners here.

Awesome: Don’t mess with the Pacers 5am Running Group.

Four lessons we can learn from runners who use PEDs.

And didya hear the new podcast with Adam Hewey? After his “Hunchback of Hardrock” finish from last year (ya gotta hear the story), he’s back for more this weekend.  But this time, it’s part of the mondoslam.

T&F: The mystery of the flying Finn.

Speaking of track, is it dead? Here’s a great piece on its dying popularity and what to do about it.

Tim is ready to rock Hardrock.

Pam’s WS100 report...one big fake orgasm.

Sage runs the Presidential Traverse a day after Mt. Washington.

Overcoming the power of your mind.

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