Daily News, Thurs, July 11

I like single track, but also like fire roads and (gasp!) even pavement sometimes, so these carriage roads look like the perfect running surface for me.  

…speaking of dream trails, here’s NatGeo’s 20 best hikes/runs in the world. Finally, a good list!

Looks like Killian just broke the record from Chamonix to Mt Blanc and back in a blistering 4:57.  Hate to say it’s boring, but the guy is breaking so many records, I kinda don’t care anymore.

This hydration calculator seems crazy. I’d need to drink 64 oz of water per hour on a run. Huh?

A woman had emergency surgery on her foot, now she has an orgasm that originates there. I’ll just let you try to figure it out. h/t to Sam Robson.

Cowman A-Moo-Ha
Cowman A-Moo-Ha

Who are MUT running’s most colorful characters?  Can I nominate Cowman A-Moo-Ha first?  Add Frank Bozanich in there. Maybe Catra Corbett. Who else?

It’s been really, really hot in Central California recently and Oswaldo Lopez is cruising around with the heater on.

Ed Whitlock was on a team that just broke another record. Watch the short video though to see how smooth Ed looks running…considering he’s 82 years old.

I can’t wait to see this movie about Anton running in the mountains.

Lance may have to pay back some of his earnings.

This guy had his legs blown off at the Boston Marathon massacre and that’s just the start of the story.  Good read.

With Scotty’s new job (and kids birthday parties…geez, no one told me how time intensive those things can be!), we’ve slacked on recording a new podcast. Not to worry. We’ll be in the studio next week chit chatting away with some interesting characters.  Thanks for your patience.




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