Daily News, Thurs, July 17

Tahoe Rim Trail 100 is this weekend and here’s a great course preview with Victor Ballesteros and the guys at ultrasportslive.tv.  Victor also makes the best drop bags in the world…check them out here.

Ian’s Speedgoat preview.

Speaking of Speedgoat, did you hear the new podcast with Rickey Gates? Awesome hearing his story about pacing Kilian at Hardrock and racing the scariest and most intense 3 miles in Alaska.

Notice: If you’ve emailed me in the last week or two, I apologize for not getting back in a timely way. I’ve been swamped with URP, brickwork (damn bricks!), and home life. I’m sorry and I’ll return messages soon.  

It’s a cycling video, but it’s a really really good one. h/t Paul Charteris.

An everyman’s Hardrock race report. Fine, John’s faster than the average runner, but his performance at Hardrock caught many people off guard.  Sarah and I will be speaking with him tomorrow to hear his story first hand.

Roes’ take on Kilian’s run.

Matt Hart’s report from HR100, and Sarah’s report on pacing one of the top women.

The six worst doping excuses.

Forty beers to put on your bucket list.

A mid packer’s Western States report, and also one from the front end.

How Joe learned to love running.

It only makes sense that the pendulum swings from extreme mud color laser obstacle runs to….nude runs.  And dammit, it’s a change that I support.

Awesome…new GPS technology finds the most beautiful route, not the quickest.  h/t Stu.


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